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well it looks like the mike's are thinking of bring x275 to the osca
(onterio street car association) up here in the north
i don't have all the detale , i think it just to see if there will be any interest
from the cite

i think this is really grate if it work out


So there's been some great discussion in the last 6 months in regards to reviving TS is some way shape or form. The super popular X275 Class has come up time and time again. Darcy Cummins put a tremendous amount of effort into making something happen with less than stellar support. Roxy from Parts Connection has also expressed interest in trying to help make this happen. I’m still getting PM’s and emails about the topic. Here’s my take: If this deal is going to happen and is going to have legs to grow I believe we would need to adopt the X275 rule set that John Sears runs that pretty well everyone has adopted. Like Darcy mentioned in the other thread, this rule set would allow local racers to travel to other races without fear that they are not rule compliant.
For this to work, the rule set would need to be adopted with little or no variation. I don’t think we could allow certain items just because that’s what you’ve got or what you ran in the past. We’ve made the mistake of going down that road in the past and all we end up doing is hurting you guys. I’m going to contact Darcy and Roxy and see if they’re still onboard with some sponsor support and if so I think we may be able to make this deal fly.
Here a link to the website:
Here’s their ruleset:
The car must retain its original appearance, profiles, and dimensions. Factory roof and quarter panels must be used. Aftermarket fiberglass replacement panels are limited to hood, front fenders, doors, decklids, and bumpers only. All front ends must be of factory dimensions and cannot be stretched. Aftermarket wings and spoilers are permitted. Complete stock appearing front and rear bumpers are required. A hood must cover the entire induction system. Forward facing hood scoops/ turbo or supercharger inlets are permitted.
Factory appearing dashboard, door panels, and driver seat is required. Full Carpet is required on floorboards. Factory floor pan on driver and passenger side required. Bare inside frame of car cannot be exposed. Aftermarket steering column is permitted.
OEM glass or lexan windows are permitted.
Complete stock chassis and frame rails must be retained. Back-halved cars are not permitted. Front core support may be modified or removed. Aftermarket bolt-on replacement front K-members/sub frames are allowed (if front shocks bolt to K-member then they must be in factory location). Mini tubs are allowed. Rear frame rails may be notched for clearance. Factory wheelbase must be maintained.
Maximum displacement for all engines is 588ci. Small blocks are allowed any deck height but must retain stock bore spacing. GM Big Blocks are limited to a 10.2 deck height. Ford Big Blocks are limited to a 10.3 deck height. Mopar Big Blocks are limited to a 10.7 deck height.
Single turbocharger limited to 88 mm maximum. (GT55-88, Pro-Mod 88, ET-R88 or = mid/large frame turbo). Turbocharger size will be verified by measuring the housing bore at the leading edge of the impeller wheel and must maintain the contour of the compressor housing. Inducer dimensions will not exceed 3.462 inches and Exducer dimensions will not exceed 4.765 inches on MID FRAME turbos. Inducer dimensions will not exceed 3.462 inches and Exducer dimensions will not exceed 5.56 inches on LARGE FRAME turbos. The maximum diameter of the housing bore at the leading edge of the wheel may not exceed 2 mm more than the maximum allowable turbocharger size permitted. Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Any type of air to air or water to air intercooler permitted. Turbochargers w/nitrous oxide are prohibited except on 2-rotor, 4 cylinder, and inline 6 cylinder engines.
Cog or gear driven superchargers are permitted, must meet all factory inlet, outlet, and internal housing dimensions. Inserts or reducers to achieve inlet or outlet dimensions prohibited. Any type intercooler is permitted. Cannot combine with nitrous oxide. Roots superchargers are limited to a 10-71. Centrifugal superchargers are permitted. Screw superchargers are not permitted.
Small block is permitted to run any type multi-stage nitrous systems. Big blocks are limited to a single stage nitrous system – A single stage fogger (2 nitrous solenoids and 2 fuel solenoids) are permitted or if using a single plate then your limited to (1 fuel solenoid, 1 nitrous solenoid), and 1 purge solenoid, purge must exit engine compartment.
Any factory style automatic transmission allowed. Bruno-Lenco transmissions are prohibited. Clutchless manual transmission and clutch assisted manual transmissions are permitted on naturally aspirated combinations only. Electric shifters or air shifters are permitted.
Small Block combinations may run any type induction. Big Block combinations are limited to a dedicated single carburetor with cast intake.
Dry sumps are permitted on all cars.
Mufflers or inserts are required on all cars except for turbo cars. Exhaust may exit underneath car or out the front fenders but must not affect timing or staging beams.
Gasoline only is permitted. Alcohol or E-85 or other derivatives is prohibited.
Functional headlights, taillights and brake lights required. All headlights, brake lights, marker lights, etc must be on car and not removed for any reason. All vehicles may be towed back from their passes.
Stock style suspension cars only (See weights below for penalty for aftermarket suspension). Four links are prohibited on all cars. Aftermarket direct replacement components such as: front control arms, rear control arms, front coil over shocks, and rear coil over shocks are permitted. Aftermarket rack and pinion steering allowed. Rear leaf springs, springs, shocks, and coil-overs may be moved to accommodate tire clearance, and do not need to be mounted in stock location. Bolt-on or welded sub-frame connectors, rear sway bars, are permitted on all cars. Wheelie bars are prohibited on all cars. Torque arms are only permitted on cars that were originally equipped from factory with it.
All cars with power adder must compete on a Drag Radial type tire with the following sidewall designation 275/60/15. Naturally aspirated cars are permitted to run a 28.0” x 10.5” slick, no “W” tires permitted.
Minimum base Weights:
All minimum weights include the driver.
Naturally Aspirated (small block) 2600 lbs
Naturally Aspirated (big block with standard deck height and conventional head) 2900 lbs
Naturally Aspirated (big block with tall deck height and conventional head) 2950 lbs
Naturally Aspirated (big block with standard height and big chief head) 3050 lbs
Nitrous (small block) 2950 lbs
Nitrous (big block with standard deck height and conventional head) 3250 lbs
Nitrous (big block with tall deck height and conventional head) 3400 lbs
Single YSI / F1A/6-71 Supercharger (small block) 3100 lbs
Single F1C/8-71 Supercharger (small block) 3200 lbs
Single F1R / Xi/10-71 Supercharger (small block) 3300 lbs
Single 76mm T6 Turbocharger (small block) 3000 lbs.
Single 80mm T6 Turbocharger (small block) 3100 lbs.
Single 85mm T6 Turbocharger (small block) 3150 lbs.
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (Y2K or GT47-88 ) (small block) 3200 lbs
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (GT55-88, Pro Mod 88 or =) (small block) 3300 lb
Single 88mm T6 Turbocharger (Large Frame 88) 3350 lbs
*Small Blocks with single stage nitrous system: deduct 50 lbs
* Small Blocks (NOS only) with 23 degree Chevy heads, 20 degree Ford heads, and 18 degree Mopar heads: deduct 100 lbs.
* Small Block (NOS only) non-inline valve head with more than 2 nitrous kits: add 100 lbs
* Non-Intercooled boosted cars: deduct 50 lbs.
* Aftermarket rear suspension (Ladder bar): add 50 lbs.
* Buick/Olds/Pontiac Nitrous combos will be 3250 and not exceed 588 cu inches
* V-6 Turbocharged/Supercharged/Nitrous combos will deduct 200 lbs from base weight
* Large Frame Turbo with billet wheel: add 50 lbs

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Yes sir! X275 going over the border, spoke with Mike through PM yesterday and I think it's a great idea! Good luck and if you guys need any help with the rules let me know!

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well i sure hope it work's out
i going to have to switch over some stuff but thats life

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i don't now for sure i'm just like the rest of you's see and wait
i have to swop a few thing if i go from ES to x275
so the sooner the better
i hope it works out

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Thanks again for the support John, we're looking forward to X275 in Canada!
Our home track is giving us some grief over bringing another 1/8th mile eliminator (we switched our 10.5 class to 1/8th last season) to their 1/4 mile facility. I have a meeting scheduled with the track owner to resolve the issue but otherwise we're full steam ahead for 2011.
The Mike's are good Jimmy, how 'bout you? Work, family, and the OSCA keep us hoppin' year round!

We'll keep everyone posted on our progress!

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I really hope this goes through. im pumped and this with time would be one of the most biggest and interesting field in the OSCA circuit. i have my fingers crossed.

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wow mike it looks a litttle more promasing then i though
good luck with you meeting
i would not mind it being 1/4 though

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hey Tony how bout you just keep it down through the 1320 and everyone else will lift at the eighth. there you go problem solved

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i heard that a black mustang gt with a turbo is stepping over from ez street to 275 Thats the word on the street
That will be cool to see
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