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Looking for a Belt Gaurd & Brace Bracket for F1A Procharger

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Hi all, (1st post)

I'm looking to see whats available in the way of Belt Gaurds and Brace Brackets to suit a SBF Procharger kit.

I've seen some brackets around the bolt directly onto the charger body where it has the 4 holes and then brace to the strut tower etc, but no idea where to find them.

My kit is the Mustang 82-95 COG Race Kit with a F1A Charger

It's going on my 1973 347ci windsor powered Mazda RX4 (Luse)
You can see the car here >

Any help would be much appriciated


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Try Jakes performance fabrication. He is a member on here but im not exactly sure what his exact user name is.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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