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Little M combo

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Hi Guys

Im looking to build a high rpm drag combo.

Will a 3.7" stroke 2.0"pin(SJ) with a GRP alloy rod clear a 50MM roller camshaft in a Dart little M(std cam tunnel height)
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okay.... what would you like to know?
I want to know if the rods are going to hit the camshaft?
Never worked with that exact combo... but i would think it may.

But if you already have the parts, i hope not for your sake... ;)
I will say Yes they will hit. You are talking a lot of rod size on the big end and even with a steel rod a .900 base cam comes very close to the lobes. I would go with the raised cam Dart I.E. block if you want more than 380" SBC.
They're going to hit.... you'll need a .850 base circle max camshaft.... and you might still have to machine the rod to clear.

Honda Journal(1.888, GRP Rod, 3.750 Stroke and I had a .800 base circle on that... definitely the wrong way to go, but you work with what you can...
Hey come on now!!!!!!I have made improvements.
LOL.... you might add that we broke that cam in 2. :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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