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Limits of a wet sump on a SBC

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What do you guys feel the hp limit on an external wet pump system are? Motor will be a 15* 410 tuning 9k+, what do I need to keep thing alive as far as an oil system goes? Are any pump better then the rest?

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I like the peterson single stage external pump for the wetsump deal... very nice pumps, and I use them on anything I build with wet sump, for a max effort deal.

As for hp limit? There is no hp, or rpm 'limit'.... you can make a wet sump work with high rpm just fine and in terms of 'hp'.... you can get real close to a dry sump but it's hard to beat the reliability, efficiency and resultant oil control of a dry sump. If I had the $$, and the room, I would do a dry sump.

Look at it this way.

Good wet Sump pump 600 bucks
GOOD Wet Sump pan 7-800 bucks
Vacuum Pump setup - 800 bucks all said and done the right way
Misc. lines and fittings another couple hundred bucks. You're looking at the potential of over 2 grand for a 'good' wet sump....

I assume you're talking something for Milan...

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Well.... if you talk to Peterson, I'm sure you'll be sold on it, and I bet after that you won't listen to me like all the other folks who I've said this to.

You will not achieve good vacuum with that pump. I know it looks attractive but it's not ideal.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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