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I have a few.....

I was talking to another shop owner just a few weeks ago about rod diameter. He told me he sizes all his rods at the bottom or a few tenths under size... his reason was that it will keep the bearing form spining, due to more crush... I dis-agreed with him. I said the rods as well as the mains have a bore tolerance for a reason. If the rod is within the tolerance no matter if it's on the high side ( but not over) the bearing will be held in place, with no fear of spinning..... I have sized rods on the small and big size to adjust my oil clearance and i never had any issues with them... It' sbeen a year or so but i did maesure the crush on time and i think it was like .005 per bearing shell.......

What is the correct way to determine the correct oil clearance for rods???? In the clevite book almost all engines have a minimum of .0005 for oil clearance.... I don't think a engine would live long with .0005 oil clearance on the rods????? would a bearing with a larger amount of eccentricity like a smaller oil clearance???? say you would build a engine with .0005 clearance on the rods would there be enough oil passing over the bearing to keep it cool????

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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