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I could list tons of details, but the main thing I want to know is why the right rear squatting? Is it something I should be worried about? I've messed with it to the extent of my knowledge and at a point of some big decisions.

Key notes:
60' not bad for what it is, 1.30-133 without getting after it, broke 3rd member on first aggressive launch so not really sure
Hard to drive until it settles in first gear, which bothered me
Ladder bars in upper hole, most anti-squat possible, 1.5 degree down in reference to the ground
Front suspension very high stored energy for street stuff, 5.5" of travel (dead hooks on slick black top w no prep)
Rear Scaled within 10lbs of even with driver in the car
New afco coil overs and 150lb springs, set at their starting points
2 flats of pre-load added to right rear, ladder bar
3.50 gear with 31" tall tire, mainly due to motor peaking at only 5600

This video was leaving on 40%, my buddy missed the pass I left on 50%, but it wiggled more.

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