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ladder bars in 70 Camaro

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Okay guys. First car chassis setup. No suspension in it now. Gonna have a 9 in. rear and mini tubbed. Front is done. Will have frame connectors. I have moderate skills and can weld good. Factory framerails and will try to retain rear seat. Car will have A/C and a 468 with an S480 BW turbo blow-thru. I need to know the best way to set up a ladder bar suspension in the car and maybe the best kit to do so. I have a very good idea of how I need to go about it but wanted some advice from some the more experinced builders out there. If you have any ideas of how I can get started, then let me know. I will be running a 325 Drag Radial on a 10 in. rim. If you need any suppoting info, then let me know. I appreciate any help. Jason:rolleyes:
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