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Kirkey Aluminum vs Plastic Racing Seat Weight

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Are the Kirkey aluminum seats lighter than the plastic drag race seats? I'm thinking of replacing the plastic racing seat (Jaz type) in my car with a Kirkey aluminum drag racing seat. I'm trying to reduce car weight.
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I believe I read on here that the plastics are lighter but ppl feel safer with the aluminum. Not a enormous difference though in weight.
i'll just stick with the one I have, then. thanks
You may want to double check that. I have had both and I can tell you the Kirkey aluminum seats I have now weigh probably about 50% of what the typical plastic seat weighs. Should be easy to find the details.
The best I can rem is the 18" Kirkey's are about 3-4 lbs lighter than the plastic ones both with the covers on. If you run a pass seat you can get about 4lbs out of it if you take the tme with a hole saw. lol
Aylor is right on the money. Looks like the poly seats weigh about 13lbs and the aluminum seats weigh right at 11lbs.
If you really want light look at what is done to the sprint car versions of the kirkys.Them guys will sell their mom for an ounce.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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