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You heading out to Norwalk this week or weekend? If you are let me know maybe we can go drink some beer and watch some racing.

How was Outlaw Street the 19th? I'd love to have been there but my wife and I had a hot date planned for us and i couldn't make it.

Tom Cowle

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Not going to Norwalk this week Tom, too much to do!
Pistons, rods, heads are all here now and mocked up good. So I will be fitting rings and trying to assemble it this week, want to dyno this sat, I have a 4 day window before a customers motor shows up for some pulls.

Norwalk O/S was great! several turbo cars there running, Bill Lutz went 7.45 198 ! He ended up winning over Rich Willaimsons' BB Mustang.
Four cars in the sevens and the bump was 8.63 I think. Good show!

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