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In 1979 Justin Boot Company celebrated 100 years. To celebrate they ordered 750 gun sets to be made by Uberti. It consist of a rifle and a pistol. Its called the 44-40 set. Plus a belt buckle and 50 original bullets all in a case.

I was at the Houston gun show today and ran across one of these and fell in love with it. Its got Justin all over it, and thats my name. I have been going to gun shows my whole life and have never seen one of these sets. The guy selling it told me he's only seen 3 in his life and this one has been his personal one for over 15 years and he's got too much stuff so he's selling it.

Anyways, I came home to look them up and amazingly there isint really any info on them out there. An auction site that tried to sell one for $2800 but thats basically it. I cant believe there isint anymore info.

Anybody know of this set? I wanna try and make an offer but now I'm scared its not legit or if it is I have no idea what to make my offer of.
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