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Left for work later than usual this morning due to the Ice event here in So. Iowa. Snow is easy to drive on but Ice SUCKS big time. By leaving later the county usually will have the road sanded and no problem getting to work. Well this morning I meet the sanding truck, a tandem axel Mack,
in the dark about 100 feet away and slow down to let him by as the roads pretty narrow but all I see is the headlights twisting around and then becoming straight up and down. Jump out of the 4 Runner and slide up to see if my buddy Dave is O.K. Look in the cab and there is Dave still belted in, all 300 lbs. of him! The truck landed on the passenger side next to a barb wire fence and some scraglly trees. After Dave got out of the belts he tried to open the driver's side doors and but there was a 3 inch branch across it. I climbed up the underneath of the truck stepping on the tool box and tranny and slid across to push the limb down so he could get all that bulk up and through the up right side and through the door. Thankfully he wasn't hurt and we have a good story to drink beer over.

Good thing you were there to help your Friend out.
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