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Just Like to Say Thanx!!

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This was posted on gDR by Tommy Mauro's brother Danny.

Thanx, Danny

From gDR casper

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Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 7:32 pm Post subject:


like everything in this fuckin world its all about money ray post his stuff on all the other boards with NO PROBLEM but it seems to always be a problem with you people... i will send you a fuckin check for a dollar is that ok.... when you guys started this site it was for people that race to talk and maybe get a little coverage but now your afraid of other sites or maybe somebody that DONT HAVE ALOT OF MONEY to maybe sell a used trans or motor or whatever... when my brother rolled his car it was ray and jimmy that took there time out to film and do the story so people can see how racers stick together and help each other when the chips are down YOU GUYS HAD NO PROBLEM RUNNING THAT STORY...well i done with my rant..
. Mauro Wreck at Cecil.wmv
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Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 12:24 am Post subject:


Yea.. gDR never does anything for anybody.. it's all about money here This is what pisses me off.. We do alot for everyone and never ask for anything without giving something in return. Oh well. stuff like this makes me want to get outta doing this. if you come back to the site and get a "page not found" you know why.. lol
Reply to their latest lies. Now that I can't defend myself on there, they will lie to favor themselves.

I pm'd 6 people, they got 17 emails saying I did. They read every post, but Evolution has been spamming the events section since june and Matt said he was sorry to me, that he never saw it. They were threatened but I posted the treatning PM that Matt sent me. They will try to lie their way out of this.
Now what if I just made a post like this. 101 views???? But I was stealing members and business!!! :smt005
Yeah that's the way. Just delete when you're wrong. The one thread was a post slling Huston Motorsports Park T shirts. The other was sending you to some nitro message board. They read their post all the time and delete spam as soon as it's posted. That's what Mark said!!! FUnny the Nitro post was there since 6.28pm last night and the Hustons from 12.05pm today. What a bunch of two faced liars. :smt005
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