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Just got back from the Attorney

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(not for anything on here I needed a contract done)

After looking at this board he suggested for everyone to be drug tested would be a good start.....then he said everyone needed full time employement (I said to refer back to his first comment that would nulify his second one)

As to the board....its a Public Forum people can post what they want....its their opinion if an attorney takes your case.....ask them to do it on a contingency'll get your true answer......then we went back to Bullshittin about Politics
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7DMACH1 said:
But what would we do without you????? :roll:
Live happily ever after? :smt005
Aww Marie you know i'm just kiddin. I could't live without seeing your insightful, courteous, well thought out, and just plain warm and fuzzy feeling posts. :-D
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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