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No. not at all.
No more than if you had an offset that burned splits.
Just use quality pellets. (Lumberjack. Bear Mountain, cookingpellets. B&B )

Have you ever used a pellet smoker? They most certainly produce smoke. Its a much cleaner smoke than say an offset. Also, good quality pellets use no binders or oils and are completely safe to burn.
You mean fillers? All pellets use a binder, most just use what it naturally there, tree sap! was a nice read, more tempted to try a pellet smoker, but I do like my Chargriller Fake Egg.

Shitty lighting but this was a short/fat pork loin, around 2.5 lbs I think, 300 degrees for 2 hours, pulled at 180 IT. I'm used to smoking shoulders so I didn't watch it as closely. I should have only went 1.5 hours and pulled at around 155-160 IT.

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