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OK....Its time for the 1/8th mile haters to quit boycotting and get your equipment out of the garage and into the trailer....

Pro Mod - Door cars only, Run whatcha brung...
Entry- 100.00

Win - 2500.00

R/U - 1000.00

Semis - 500.00


Outlaw 10.5 - Back half chassis only. No full round tube chassis allowed. Back half section must not extend forward past rear most portion of the K-member or cross member. Stock frame rails from the firewall forward must be retained with a minimum of four (4) inches forward of the front engine mounting plate...
Entry - 85.00

Winner - 1000.00

R/U - 500.00

Semis - 250.00


True 10.5 -
Rear Chassis/Suspension
Any type rear suspension allowed. Wheelie bars are not allowed Stock firewall must be retained and in stock location. Notching for clearance of bell housing, distributor, supercharger or intercooler allowed.

Any engine combination and power adders allowed. Engine must be in stock location. Motor plates and solid mounts allowed. Mufflers required for all cars except turbocharged entries. Turbo exhaust should be directed toward rear of car and must exit a minimum of 12 inches behind the front axle centerline. All Nitrous bottles to be saftey vented pop off to outside vehicle

Any slick up to a 30 x 10.5" sidewall designation allowed. "W" tires are not allowed. DOT tires up to a 12.50" sidewall designation allowed. Hoosier tire, part number 18192D05 will not be allowed. Wheel width may not exceed 13 inches...
Entry - 75.00

Winner - 800.00

R/U - 400.00

Semis - 200.00


True Street (I am going to try VERY hard to get a sponsor for True Street so we can pay you a purse!!)

In order to compete, all vehicles and/or drivers are required the following:
1.Valid driver’s license
2.Valid vehicle registration
3.Valid license plate(s). Dealer plates prohibited.
4.Valid insurance “ID” card. Faxes and/or letters from insurance companies and/or brokers not acceptable.
5.D.O.T. Radials or D.O.T. Slicks on front and rear of vehicle.
6.Hood is required, may be made of lightweight material. Hood scoops permitted. Hood/scoop may be liftoff.
7.Any type of passenger windows permitted, but must be functional – up/down and in working condition.

DOT slick tires or DOT legal radials tires required for drive tires during the road tour AND the True Street competition and class run off. Racing slicks prohibited. Maximum actual measured tire size is as follows: Actual measured tread of all racing slick-type tire is limited to 10.75-inches. For D.O.T. radial tires, maximum sidewall designation permitted is 325mm. Tire height is unrestricted. Tire shaving is prohibited.

When we leave for the cruise we will be in a SINGLE FILE line...With a lead vehicle and a trail vehicle..competitors MUST stay in line behind the lead vehicle and in front of the trail vehicle..There will be NO passing, NO hot rodding basically you are required to follow the rule of law...If for ANY reason the trail vehicle passes you..they will take your tag number/car number down and you will be disqualified..

When we get back to the track we will go straight to staging lanes to start cool down..During cool down THE ONLY THINGS your allowed to do is to add fuel, add nitrous bottles, add ice to intercoolers, I will allow you to cruise on one set of tires and race on another so you WILL be allowed to change tires...THAT IS IT...Once the passes start the ONLY thing you can do to cars is take air OUT of tires...THAT IS IT..NO Spraying...NO Pushing NOTHING...Once you make your pass you are required to return STRAIGHT to staging lanes...We will keep track of running order nd if you outta order on your second or third pass you will be DQ'd...If the track officals shut you down your are DQ'd...You will make 3 passes and the qualifing order will be the AVERAGE of the 3 passes...If you red light and we are not able to get a time for a pass...that will be a 20 sec. run!!!

Entry - 50.00

PAyback - 80% to Winner, R/U and Semis (I can get a sponsor for this class but tjey ant proof it will have support...I have NO doubt you all will support it...come out and show them!!
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