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Not a drag car, but bad ass regardless. This guy is a pro skater sponsored by a shit load of companies, including DC and lives in Michigan.

Built by All Speed Performance but the owner helped with the grunt work.

My ASP "DC/Kalis" 69 twin turbo camaro...
I had a thread here..but hadn't updated it in so long... i figured i would show you guys the outcome.
Took just about 7 months to build... it went through the crazy SEMA crunch to get done... but we made it.. and Web Rides voted it 2nd best car at Sema. Pretty stoked on that. Here is a couple build photo's and some youtube video's.
She's averaging 18-20 mpg at 80 mph... and 13mpg though the city.
She put down 754rwhp at only 8 lbs of boost. We haven't run it on high boost yet... but expecting 14lbs the max for pump gas.
build list....
I call it a "Custom LS" basically (was) the 6.0 truck block. Now its a 408. It has Dart Pro 1 Bullseye Power 66 mill turbo's
custom ASP turbo kit air/air intercooler
Tranzilla T56 6 speed (Viper internals)
DSE 4 link rear
Speedtech Sub Frame with high clearance control arms
Rack @ pinion
Custom IForged wheels
Nitto tires 335/30/19, 285/35/18 (7 inch lip)NT05's
Cobra Missano Race seats with full Carbon fiber backs
carbon fiber steering column
FULL Marquez Design interior(door panels, head liner, center consule, dash, guage bezel, ect)
Custom Marquez design "3D" Taillights, Door strikers, door vents, gas trunk hinges, Flush front bumper...ect.
Fast fuel injection with 7 inch LCD touch screen "in dash" computer
Ricks gas tank with twin A 1000 fuel pumps (inside the tank)
DSE Subframe connectors
DSE mini tub'd with 3 inch extensions
Willwood big brake kit front and rear
Marquez design lower front Valence
Custom ASP rear diffuser set up
Custom ASP front spoiler
Custom ASP center exit exhaust
Custom ASP front and rear fender flares
Custom ASP rear quarter
Custom ASP rear spoiler
Custom ASP turbo headers

All the body mods are done from sheet metal
Its in Muskegon. When im home... i drive up there a few times a week. While i was building the car.. i drove there every day for 7 months. Welding and grinding 10 hours a day. lol. It was fun though.

So far i have a couple thousand miles on the Camaro. It runs good... and is fast. I raced my Proto 650 on race gas (1.2 bar) vs. the Camaro on low boost (8lbs)... and smoked the Porsche. The Porsche runs a consistent 132 trap. I was pretty surprised.

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We "Speed Tech Performance" build all the suspension components used on the front of this car. Josh is a great guy with a SICK Camaro.
i think he said the motor maid 1200 hp!!

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It needs to be just a little bit lower in the rear, but other than that, Id drive it like i stole it.
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