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I wanted to get the word out that John has provided exceptional service and tuning of my FAST XFI 2.0. That might not sound like much… but I live in AZ and John resides in TN. When I started out with the FAST ECM I was frustrated, confused and downright pissed off. I posted some issues here in the forum, a member responded to call John. I called John explained my concerns and my car and combination. A short time later, John emailed me a drop in program/tune. After a phone conversation and a little tweaking the motor went right to the foot brake limiter, no hesitation or sputter just clean and building boost, engaged the transbrake same result. That night I went to the track, I didn’t touch the program. I made two test passes to get logs, which I emailed to John the next day the car ran great!. A short time later, John had sent another program changing the VE and Spark (see, I now know how to speak the lingo) etc. I went to the track again made four passes without one issue on the tune. John did all of this late at night after his shop hours (we’re two hours apart).
EFI can be intimidating if you’re new to it. Save yourself some aggravation contact John, he worked for FAST/COMP for years and knows what he is doing and will take the time to explain. He has saved me hair, holes in walls and sleep. John had stated countless times if I could get him to AZ he could get the car going in one outing to the track, which went downhill quickly when I told him the temperature here.
When it came time to square up $$$$, I was pleasantly surprised at what John charged with all the time, effort and late night calls.
Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed.
Maverick Mike
P.S. also posted in the turbo thread ……..
John Williams
Outlaw Racing Parts
870-761-7453 cell
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