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Excuses 101...

Lets see how to best respond...

1. Thanks Jimmy B for putting that up. As they say in "the biz" any free ink is good ink!
2. Todd, Your turns coming buddy!
3. Two Ton Tommy, at least we aren't renting a ride... AND Heather likes me better! Remember the used part...
4. Shawn-And you know the real deal! We run 3.90s at 2700 plus. You weigh 2380 and run 4 .98! Just kidding folks! His car is heavier... And he does run a bit quicker than that. He just has a major issue with getting whoaed up!!!
5. Greg, Ya got that right! But two races in and we have proven we can come over from the street car scene and play with the Big Dogs! And these dogs are phuckin HUGE!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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