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I have the edelbrock 70070 n20o kit that i user with my pro flo EFI. The jetting is for 100 and 150 hp and there is nothing for 200 hp jetting. I know the fuel pump they supply with the pro flo kit is for 600 hp total on motor/pwr adder, but i have a high performance fuel system, etc. I called edelbrock and they said the plate wont support a 200 shot flow?? I obviously am pulling out the respective timing to prevent detonation. I would like to remain on pump gas (93 sunoco).

the motor specs are:
355 with 10.3:1 dart block
race rite 200 cc brodix heads
comp cams solid roller 4/7 swap 252/[email protected] .624/.650 lift
full exhaust, etc.

the jetting edelbrock gives:
100 hp - 59/39 n/f
150hp - 72/50 n/f
the kit is a 4an line with performer rpm nitrous and fuel solenoids. if anyone can give me suggestions for 175 or 200 hp jets id appreciate it. thank you


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Unless Edelbrock jet numbers are a lot different than NOS jet numbers, those numbers look a little strange. Are those numbers based on a high pressure EFI fuel system? I would call Steve Johnson if I were you, he's an Edelbrock guy.
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