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Yep Jesus was a Hairy Monkey . Historicaly this Jesus dude was probably dark , swarthy and hairy .
Certainly not these Anglo Saxon fantasy renderings
Yep, the look of jesus wouldn't of been anything like the jesus that is passed around N. America, not even close, to what people looked like in that region, at that time, hell, or THIS time! Now archeologists have many, many skulls to base this off of, so it's not even close to a guess.. It's said jesus would of looked much more like this pic right here.. Now this is not some goofballs drawing, this is based of a hebrew skull of the 1st century, and involved a group of scientists... Problem with this is, it won't "sell" very good, so you have the light skinned, straight haired, blue eyed jesus, which is a big hoax, but yet people blinded by the light fall for it ever day! :rolleyes:

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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