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J&W Transmission's "THE WHEEL"

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Anyone else had problems with "THE WHEEL" flexplate? I found my flexplate ring gear attachment broken in 5 of the 6 welds holding the ring gear to the plate. The 6th weld was cracked. Luckly we found it before it turned into a buzz saw. I bought this flex plate based on its reputation as being a quality item, maybe you don't get what you pay for. What other flex plates are you guys running? I run a SBC with a Motown Block and CSR 2.5hp mini starter.
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I would think JW would want to see that as it is an SFI piece. I would contact them and see if they need it back for inspection and would be good enough to supply you with another in the meantime.

Take care ,Hutch
Hi Hutch,
How long does a flexplate sfi cert last from new, & does it vary between brands & materials? Does a re-cert last as long as the original or less?
Do they always have to go back to the original manufacturer for re-certification or can it be done by other sfi certifiers?
Thanks in advance,

Its 5 years and yes it has to be sent back to its original manufacturer.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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