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J&W Transmission's "THE WHEEL"

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Anyone else had problems with "THE WHEEL" flexplate? I found my flexplate ring gear attachment broken in 5 of the 6 welds holding the ring gear to the plate. The 6th weld was cracked. Luckly we found it before it turned into a buzz saw. I bought this flex plate based on its reputation as being a quality item, maybe you don't get what you pay for. What other flex plates are you guys running? I run a SBC with a Motown Block and CSR 2.5hp mini starter.
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Hi Hutch,
How long does a flexplate sfi cert last from new, & does it vary between brands & materials? Does a re-cert last as long as the original or less?
Do they always have to go back to the original manufacturer for re-certification or can it be done by other sfi certifiers?
Thanks in advance,
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