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is this borderline insane.....

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but how often do you see this? better hope he has salmon coverage on the truck!! lol

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Why would it be insane?? They've been doing it for millions of years...
They been crossing that road that long? wow
Actually we see it up in this neck of the woods, pretty much anytime we get enough rainfall for the rivers to crest their banks!...
They been crossing that road that long? wow
Migrating, dumbass...:rolleyes:
In the spring when the snow melted we used to go "gigging" fish in the ditches north of Rising Sun OH.

Throw them in a cooler full of ice and clean them at home
Fish in water? Damn that is insane:smt119
To beat up for me but free cat food dont see that often for sure
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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