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I currently run a rail, pipe rack, rear engine dragster, with a sbc 383 with Brodix T1's. It runs 8.0's in decent weather. I have wrung just about all I can out of this without spending $, and figure I could go a different direction this time. I do almost all of my own fabricating, and understand the basics of turbos pretty well.

I would like to step the small block stuff up to about 1000 hp. It is currently alky mechanical injected. I would go electronic if mechanical is just not practical. I see these articles of guys using turbos off of construction equipment and running well for street cars. While I take this with a grain of salt, I would like to save some money even if the combo would take a little sorting out. I'm not sure there is any reasonably priced way to turbo. Any suggestions?
first of all, what do you wiegh? ( car of course...)
if you will be satisfied with 1000 hp, the cost of those twins would be the same as 1500 hp.

mech injection works, but it takes a bit to sort it out...we run mech ninject and i love it.
where in usa are you? there are ppl that can sort it out if you need a ph number.

All the mech injection hardware will run into about mech fuel pump $ 477 , extra nozzels ( need 16 ) , extra dist block and hoses, enrichment valve ( hilb ) , extra springs and poppets for fuel syst,

modified intake, new cam , bov's w/g

If you want a starting point, and around 1000-1400 hp , try the turbonetics hp 66 mm ( 1400hp ), or garrett gt 35's ( 1200 hp)

DONOT go too big, you will run into spool up problems.

Let us know which way you go.


· mfi turbos rule
4,503 Posts
Illinois USA. Are we talking singles or duels? This will be a winter time project for sure. Where do you go and what do these Turbonetics cost?
we run twins in an altered ( same as funny car chassie)

355 cube mech injection
twin 57mm went 7.5 @ 181 iron heads
twin 61mm went 7.4 @ 184 iron heads
twin 61mm went 7.2 @ 191 alloy pro 1 darts

current comb ( minium testing)
358 cube
twin 66 mm tba

400 cube
twin 76mm tba

there is a guy on here called travis quillian, from Al.....
search that name
he can help
he has a 421 sbc door car went 6.4 's @ 230's

i use only turbonetics

sleeve bearing turbo's around $1300-$1500 ish i think
add $300 ish for ball bearing

get a hp 66 with s trim turbine wheel and .81 or .96 a/r exhaust ( depends on rpm you spin to to...)

and @ 1800 lbs it will run 6.8 - 7.0 @ 200 ish

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