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In a resent conversation with 2 friends of mine they had some different opinions about my motor combo.

First one says I have too big of a carb on it.

Second one says I have the wrong intake and suggested that I gat a Super Victor.

My Combo

Small Block Ford
4.030 bore
3.400 stroke
5.315 rod
Flat top piston 10.5/1 compression
Trick Flow High Ports (old style)
2.05 intake 1.60 exhaust
Flow 320 and 290 @ .700
Hydraulic roller cam
.574in .595ex lift duration @ 50 236in 248ex 110 lob sep
Victor Jr intake that has some port work done. Nothing more that a gasket match.
815 cfm carb with a 1 inch spacer

What do you guys think?

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This sounds like a street-strip car. Does it have a clutch in it or a trans brake? If it's an automatic, what is the converter?

If the converter is tight and there's no trans brake, I'd stay with the Vic JR. It'll feel a bunch better when you mash your foot on the gas from an idle.

If you have a clutch or loose converter & the engine spends much time above 6500 RPM, the Super Vic will be better.

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Considering the hydraulic cam, you're probably shifting at less than 6500, so I would say stick with the Vic Jr and a 750-850 cfm carb should be fine.
A buddy has a 15:1 347 that he spins to 8k rpms and is only running a 950HP on it, so a 750 should be fine on your setup.

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My combo....

342 (Stock Bore)
Victor Jr. Heads 2.05 / 1.60 (60cc) Box stock
Victor Jr. Intake (Box Stock)
10.8:1 Flat top
XE 692 Comp Cams Solid Roller
1" Tapered Spacer
850 CFM Race Demon (Power Valves plugged, Squared jets)
8" 5000 rpm Convertor
Shift at 6800-6900
Car weighs 2970 with my fat butt in it on a 9" tire, 4.56 gear.

My car runs rich and loves the fuel
I have tried the following Carbs:
650 Speed Demon, best ET with old heads 11.96
750 HP Holley Best ET with Vic Jr, Heads 11.16 (HYD Cam)
750 HP Pro Systems best ET 11.12 (Current Cam)
850 Race Demon Best ET 10.71
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