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I love the way my bracket racer hooks right now, but it jerks the wheels out of the beams.

I'm trying to launch with the pedal to the floor, against the two step at 1800 RPM, but the reaction times are too quick.

My Terminator button is maxed out and I'm still red by almost a tenth. Shock rebound damping is at zero. I have shock extenders that hang the hoops just short of banging the ball joints. Springs are Moroso Trick - the softest they make.

Taller tires are not an option right now. A delay box is not an option ever.

My Instant Ccenter is 55.8" out, 9.4" up. The Anii Squat is 91%.

Moving the bars is free. Are there any rules regarding IC vs vehicle reaction time?

My local track is often dicey, so I need all the hook I can get.

My Nova is here if interested --> Nova.htm The pics are recent but the movies are really old

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