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Injector Sizes

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Injector Sizes,

I just purchase a 101mm turbo. I'm looking into purchasing fuel injectors. I was told to either get (2) two sets of 160's or a set of 212's injectors to make sure fuel will deliver.

The motor combo is 374W with Glidden heads, fuel supplied by (2) two Weldon 2035's

Any help would be greatly appreciate.

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This setup is for racing fuel c16/ drag radial car.
I definitly appreciate your help, this is a new combo for me. So, i feel like i'm learning how to walk.

P.S. with the 160's will i see a higher duty cycle, as i said before, i will be using 2 weldon pumps.
Thanks guys for all your help !!!!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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