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Good Morning Everyone,

Below is the latest Forgestar F14 and D5 Inventory; prices are going up on 2/1/2020 so I recommend getting your orders in this month!!!

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F14 Matte Black
MakeCar ModelDesignSizeItemIDItemDescriptionConcave ProfileQuantity
ToyotaSupraF1415x3.7515375F14MAT2954515x3.75 F14 MATTE BLACK -29 5x4.5SEMI58
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F1417x101710F14MAT44512017x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +44 5x120SEMI54
ChevyCamaro FirebirdF1415x101510F14MAT44547515x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +44 5x4.75SUPER DEEP48
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06F1417x51750F14MAT26547517x5.0 F14 MATTE BLACK -26 5x4.75SEMI44
ToyotaSupraF1415x101510F14MAT4454515x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +44 5x4.5SUPER DEEP43
ToyotaSupraF1415x81580F14MAT2554515x8 F14 MATTE BLACK +25 5x4.5SEMI42
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF1417x51750F14MAT28511517x5.0 F14 MATTE BLACK -28 5x115SEMI33
ToyotaSupraF1418x51850F14MAT2354518x5.0 F14 MATTE BLACK -23 5x4.5SEMI32
CadillacCTS-V Gen 1F1417x9.51795F14MAT37611517x9.5 F14 MATTE BLACK +37 6x115SEMI32
ToyotaSupraF1417x4.51745F14MAT2654517x4.5 F14 MATTE BLACK -26 5x4.5SEMI29
ToyotaSupraF1417x9.51795F14MAT4454517x9.5 F14 MATTE BLACK +44 5x4.5SEMI25
Nissan350Z 370ZF1415x101510F14MAT2254515x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +22 5x4.5SUPER DEEP22
ToyotaSupraF1417x10.517105F14MAT5754517x10.5 F14 MATTE BLACK +57 5x4.5SEMI17
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06F1417x111711F14MAT43547517x11 F14 MATTE BLACK +43 5x4.75SEMI14
ChevyCamaro FirebirdF1417x4.51745F14MAT26547517x4.5 F14 MATTE BLACK -26 5x4.75SEMI13
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F1418x81880F14MAT15512018x8.0 F14 MATTE BLACK +15 5x120SEMI12
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF1417x101710F14MAT30511517x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +30 5x115SEMI12
ChevyCorvette C5, C6 NarrowbodyF1417x10.517105F14MAT65547517x10.5 F14 MATTE BLACK +65 5x4.75SEMI12
CadillacCTS-V Gen 1F1417x8.51785F14MAT32611517x8.5 F14 MATTE BLACK +32 6x115SEMI12
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF1415x101510F14MAT22511515x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +22 5x115SUPER DEEP11
CadillacCTS-V Gen 1F1417x51750F14MAT12611517x5.0 F14 MATTE BLACK -12 6x115SEMI8
ToyotaSupraF1417x71770F14MAT654517x7 F14 MATTE BLACK +6 5x4.5SEMI5
ChevyCamaro FirebirdF1415x71570F14MAT13547515x7 F14 MATTE BLACK -13 5x4.75SUPER DEEP4

F14 Gunmetal
Car BrandCar ModelDesignSizeItemIDItemDescriptionConcave ProfileQuantity
ToyotaSupraF1415x3.7515375F14GUN2954515x3.75 F14 GUNMETAL -29 5x4.5SEMI70
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F1417x101710F14GUN44512017x10 F14 GUNMETAL +44 5x120SEMI54
ToyotaSupraF1417x4.51745F14GUN2654517x4.5 F14 GUNMETAL -26 5x4.5SEMI46
ToyotaSupraF1415x81580F14GUN2554515x8 F14 GUNMETAL +25 5x4.5SEMI41
ToyotaSupraF1418x51850F14GUN2354518x5.0 F14 GUNMETAL -23 5x4.5SEMI38
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06F1417x51750F14GUN26547517x5.0 F14 GUNMETAL -26 5x4.75SEMI31
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF1417x51750F14GUN28511517x5.0 F14 GUNMETAL -28 5x115SEMI29
ToyotaSupraF1417x9.51795F14GUN4454517x9.5 F14 GUNMETAL +44 5x4.5SEMI27
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F1418x81880F14GUN15512018x8.0 F14 GUNMETAL +15 5x120SEMI26
CadillacCTS-V Gen 1F1417x51750F14GUN12611517x5.0 F14 GUNMETAL -12 6x115SEMI25
Nissan350Z 370ZF1415x101510F14GUN2254515x10 F14 GUNMETAL +22 5x4.5SUPER DEEP23
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF1417x101710F14GUN30511517x10 F14 GUNMETAL +30 5x115SEMI22
CadillacCTS-V Gen 1F1417x9.51795F14GUN37611517x9.5 F14 GUNMETAL +37 6x115SEMI22
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF1415x101510F14GUN22511515x10 F14 GUNMETAL +22 5x115SUPER DEEP20
ToyotaSupraF1415x101510F14GUN4454515x10 F14 GUNMETAL +44 5x4.5SUPER DEEP17
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06F1417x111711F14GUN43547517x11 F14 GUNMETAL +43 5x4.75SEMI15
ChevyCamaro FirebirdF1415x101510F14GUN44547515x10 F14 GUNMETAL +44 5x4.75SUPER DEEP13
ChevyCorvette C5, C6 NarrowbodyF1417x10.517105F14GUN65547517x10.5 F14 GUNMETAL +65 5x4.75SEMI13
ToyotaSupraF1417x10.517105F14GUN5754517x10.5 F14 GUNMETAL +57 5x4.5SEMI8
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F1418x51850F14GUN23512018x5.0 F14 GUNMETAL -23 5x120SEMI7
ChevyCamaro FirebirdF1417x4.51745F14GUN26547517x4.5 F14 GUNMETAL -26 5x4.75SEMI5
CadillacCTS-V Gen 1F1417x8.51785F14GUN32611517x8.5 F14 GUNMETAL +32 6x115SEMI5
ToyotaSupraF1415x101510F14GUN054515x10 F14 GUNMETAL +0 5x4.5SUPER DEEP4
ToyotaSupraF1417x71770F14GUN654517x7 F14 GUNMETAL +6 5x4.5SEMI4
ToyotaSupraF1415x71570F14GUN1354515x7 F14 GUNMETAL -13 5x4.5SUPER DEEP2

F14 Beadlock
Car BrandCar ModelDesignSizeItemIDItemDescriptionConcave ProfileQuantity
ToyotaSupraF14 BEADLOCK17x10BEAD1710F14GUN5054517x10 F14 GUNMETAL +50 5x4.5 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>38
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06F14 BEADLOCK17x11BEAD1711F14GUN43547517x11 F14 GUNMETAL +43 5x4.75 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>36
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F14 BEADLOCK17x10BEAD1710F14GUN45512017x10 F14 GUNMETAL +45 5x120 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>35
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06F14 BEADLOCK17x11BEAD1711F14MAT43547517x11 F14 MATTE BLACK +43 5x4.75 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>32
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2F14 BEADLOCK17x10BEAD1710F14MAT45512017x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +45 5x120 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>30
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF14 BEADLOCK17x10BEAD1710F14GUN30511517x10 F14 GUNMETAL +30 5x115 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>18
ToyotaSupraF14 BEADLOCK17x10BEAD1710F14MAT5054517x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +50 5x4.5 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>18
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumF14 BEADLOCK17x10BEAD1710F14MAT30511517x10 F14 MATTE BLACK +30 5x115 BEADLOCK<<< BEADLOCK >>>18

D5 Non-Beadlock
Car BrandCar ModelDesignSizeItemIDItemDescriptionQuantity
ToyotaSupraD518x51850D5BLKMC2354518x5.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED -23 5x4.584
ToyotaSupraD517x101710D5BLKMC5054517x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.577
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06D517x111711D5BLKMC43547517x11 D5 BLACK MACHINED +43 5x4.7565
ToyotaSupraD515x101510D5BLKMC5054515x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.563
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06D517x51750D5BLKMC26547517x5.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED -26 5x4.7554
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumD517x101710D5BLKMC30511517x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +30 5x11549
ChevyCamaro FirebirdD515x101510D5BLKMC50547515x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.7547
Nissan350Z 370ZD518x101810D5BLKMC2254518x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +22 5x4.544
ToyotaSupraD517x71770D5BLKMC654517x7.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED +6 5x4.533
ToyotaSupraD518x91890D5BLKMC3554518x9.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED +35 5x4.533
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2D517x101710D5BLKMC45512017x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +45 5x12031
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06D518x121812D5BLKMC50547518x12 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.7531
ToyotaSupraD517x51750D5BLKMC2154517x5.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED -21 5x4.529
ToyotaSupraD518x101810D5BLKMC4254518x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +42 5x4.528
ChevyCamaro FirebirdD517x4.51745D5BLKMC26547517x4.5 D5 BLACK MACHINED -26 5x4.7527
Nissan350Z 370ZD518x91890D5BLKMC2254518x9.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED +22 5x4.524
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2D518x51850D5BLKMC23512018x5.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED -23 5x12023
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2D518x81880D5BLKMC15512018x8.0 D5 BLACK MACHINED +15 5x12019
ToyotaSupraD518x111811D5BLKMC5654518x11 D5 BLACK MACHINED +56 5x4.512
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06D518x101810D5BLKMC25547518x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +25 5x4.753

D5 Beadlock
Car BrandCar ModelDesignSizeItemIDItemDescriptionQuantity
ChevyCorvette C6 Z06Beadlock D517x11BEAD1711D5BLKMC43547517x11 D5 BLACK MACHINED +43 5x4.75 BEADLOCK47
Nissan350Z 370ZBeadlock D515x10BEAD1510D5BLKMC2554515x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +25 5x4.5 BEADLOCK43
ToyotaSupraBeadlock D515x10BEAD1510D5BLKMC5054515x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.5 BEADLOCK42
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumBeadlock D517x10BEAD1710D5BLKMC30511517x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +30 5x115 BEADLOCK30
ToyotaSupraBeadlock D517x10BEAD1710D5BLKMC5054517x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.5 BEADLOCK26
Dodge and ChryslerDemonBeadlock D518x11BEAD1811D5BLKMC12511518x11 D5 BLACK MACHINED +12 5x115 BEADLOCK20
Dodge and ChryslerDemonBeadlock D517x10BEAD1710D5BLKMC0511517x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +0 5x115 BEADLOCK16
ChevyCamaro FirebirdBeadlock D515x10BEAD1510D5BLKMC50547515x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +50 5x4.75 BEADLOCK8
ChevyCorvette C5, C6 NarrowbodyBeadlock D518x10.5BEAD18105D5BLKMC65547518x10.5 D5 BLACK MACHINED +65 5x4.75 BEADLOCK6
ChevyCorvette C7 Z06Beadlock D518x12BEAD1812D5BLKMC56547518x12 D5 BLACK MACHINED +56 5x4.75 BEADLOCK6
GMCamaro Gen 5,6 and CTS-V Gen 2Beadlock D517x10BEAD1710D5BLKMC45512017x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +45 5x120 BEADLOCK1
Dodge and ChryslerChallenger Charger MagnumBeadlock D515x10BEAD1510D5BLKMC22511515x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +22 5x115 BEADLOCK0
NissanGTRBeadlock D517x10BEAD1710D5BLKMC054517x10 D5 BLACK MACHINED +0 5x4.5 BEADLOCK0

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