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I have a set of ihi rhc7 turbos, had them built for a 468 bbc about 5 years ago and lost the paper work. Anyway to tell what size the components are in it?
I measured the internals and is this correct?
compressor wheel
inducer=57.15mm exducer=81.91mm

57.15mm sq / 81.91mm sd = 49 trim

turbin wheel
exducer(inner edge)=62.61mm inducer =73.66

62.61mm sq / 73.66 mm sq = 72 trim

compressor housing
2.27 inches of area / 3.31 radius = .69 ar

turbin housing
2.16 inches of area / 1.285 radius = 1.68

Is this correct?
I can's find what it came off of. I believe it was a overseas venture between ihi in the states and overseas, japan. It was made here in Shelbyville, Illinois. But they can't tell me what it was for. It was built for me a few years back for a 468 bbc, as a favor for some parts I traded. The exhuast flange is a pain in the but. It has to be pressed in and then welded, odd ball can of worms. No mounting bolts what so ever. So I have to custom make the exhuast outlet. I have some pics of it here,, of the turbochargers
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