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If your looking for SJ !!!

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I guess i'll be his secretary for the time being. Just got off the phone with him and he wanted me to let everyone know that he hasnt forgot about you, but he's up to his eyes ! He just pulled out of the driveway and headed North. Be patient, and as you know, he will be in touch with you. Thank you for visiting the Induction Solutions forum.

Hows that SJ ? :-D haha.
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SWEET ! Glad it worked out for you. You got the gas on it? If not, try a little, but make sure to buckle in.:eek: Your car looks good btw.
Looks good. We've been a .21 on a single kit. Started messing with the 2nd stage now. Went 8.20 @ 167 last week on 295s.First time we've hit two guns in the 1/4.Ready to start putting some NOS on it now. We ran all night on a set of plugs and never hurt any off them. I think if I can keep my head right and listen to SJ, it may make some rounds.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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