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If you were going to open a doorslammer museum..

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What would be the first 10 cars you would put in the museum??

Here are mine:

1. Bill Kuhlmann's 200mph Camaro
2. Scotty Cannon's 41 Willys
3. Tommy Howes 300 ZX
4. Monty Berney 55 Chevy "Bertha 1"
5. Spiro Pappas original 69 Camaro
6. Randy Adlers 67 GTO
7. Billy Gliddens brown Mustang
8. Tony Christain's 57 Chevy
9. Rod Saboury's 53 Corvette
10. Pat Musi's 69 Camaro

I could go on forever, but this is a start....

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Your not going to be able to have kuhlmanns camaro anymore after the tragedy of his shop. Best of wishes to them.

I would also add charles carpenters 55 chevy
any of the 1985-1997 pro mods... everything was cool.
Yeah, I heard about it. I played basketball in the shop before the office was finished. What a shame..

Christine better be the first car people see, in the damn LOBBY!
Witch Doctor Nova
Peterson Racings Chevelles
Bill Houghton's Monte Carlo
Danny Scotts Chevelle
The C.A.R.S. camaros of Dyer and Kimmins
Wayne Rowe from Victoria Australia RIP 1st 200 mph Slammer in Oz.

"Team Warlord" KB 88 Thunderbird

1/4 Mile ET:7.061 at Calder Park 11-89 1/4 Mile MPH:201.79 at Calder Park 11-89

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Tommy Mauney's '41 Willy's "Barney". Probably won more Pro Mod races than any other single car around!
Gene deputies twin turbo mustang
Racin jason convertable turbo mustang
Lynches newedge stang
Pappa 69 camaro
tony christians 57
Dyers cars inc camaros and 55 chevy
Mike morans wagon and his monte carlo
Saburies vet from the first prostreet race for a jacket
Pat musi green 69 camaro
Larry larsons chevy2
These guys werent really door slammers but worth mention as they were the bad bitches in the early to mid 70's

Steve Lisks Hemi Challenger
Wangers Blackbird
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