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If Kurt Busch is driving the Mountain View Tire PS car...What happened to Vinnie D?

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Just curious?

He's a hell of a nice guy and good driver.
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Might be just making his laps in a competitive car, maybe waiting on something for his.... I thought someones kid was getting in there this yr, Nobile's son....or ?
That car is the rj car that deciegle drove last year. Vincent Nobile is going to be in a new haas car shortly.
hmmm. I'm so out of the loop these days its hard to tell...This damn work thing has been getting in the way of racing. Gotta fix that. So is Kurt supposed to be running his own car or something then? I remember last year when he worked with Roy Hill over at Piedmont for the first time...He definitely loved driving the Pro Stock car.
I think he's just driving the Challenger again? Unless I missed something.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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