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If anyone ever needs to contact me, please email me at [email protected] and please do not send me private messages on the forums. I have noticed that they sit in the box for a long time before I can get to them, and I can get to emails faster. I am a member of 174 web forums, I know crazy huh? You could imagine how many messages are sitting in 174 different forums right now. The social networking sites are also a problem for questions related to MIR. I cannot keep up with social networking site questions and web forum inbox questions plus my email account and I wouldnt want anyone to get upset with me if I dont respond. So if anyone ever says that I havent responded to them, tell them to email me (it works much better). I am generally on a board for no more than a minute and I am back off of it, and on to another one or other work loads. Thanks everyone! Emails work much better.

Also, my cell phone number has really been passed along and I am getting tons of calls and it is starting to effect things on the homefront. I get a ton of calls from racers during the day and in the evening. Some racers even call my cell phone after Midnight. If it's an emergency please call my cell phone, but if not please try to call the MIR track office at 301-884-9833 during normal business hours, and myself or someone else will take care of you.

I want to be there for all of you, as I care about helping you all and what you guys need, but it has gotten a little out of contriol and I cant have things effecting my home life. I know that everyone will understand once they have read this. Thank you everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the track.
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