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I need/want a new computer..

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any recommendations???
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I can build you a pretty nasty machine for about 600... PMs are open ;)
avoid Dell IMO....
Id rather build my own but of I had to buy a store made version id opt for ASUS,SONY,MSI,Toshiba
and no matter which one you do get wipe it and do a clean install of W7
I'm pretty sure he has found one in the last 7 YEARS.
Yes but he's now due for another one..
any recommendations???
Get a Mapple. I hear they're the awesomest!:cool:
Hey Monty, I build and sell computers for a living. I could really give you the hookup..... If you're interested, I would make you a hell of a deal. And again, sorry for my absense guys...... I guess in this website full of 7 and 8 second killers, I was intimidated... :wink:
This is probably your best bet Monty. He could build it to what you want not what's availiable
if ur looken to buy try with that said id recommend getting one built
Monty contact colormebad on here
He can build you something nice to your likings
I tried to get you to buy a mac , but you'll never learn monty ...
sad sad ....
If you do get a laptop get a minimum of 2.5 Ghz clock speed processo,r dual core & 1 terabyte hard drive for all the porn youll be D/L ! :)
Get a mac, and elvis will show you how to use it, you can post up every fuckin thing you do to facebook.:supz:
build one. its not hard and you can get great bang for your buck that way.
have had Toshiba, Dell, HP, Compaq. Will buy another dell or toshiba for work, But MacAir will be my next personal communications terminal
I have a Commodore 64 that i'll give ya :p

Hopefully Lionel Richie doesnt mind :p:p:p
Surrender to the Apple.

I gave up and got my wife an IMac last month because I was sick and tired of the POS garbage PC locking up/shutting off for no reason/logging off in the middle of emails/slow as shit/paying $200 to have it "fixed" only to have it go to shit a month later/etc etc etc. and listening to her complain about it every fucking day.

One Imac = all problems solved. Sent her to Apple School one on one and I haven't heard a word since. She's Iphoto'ing whatever the fuck that is, scrapbooking, etc etc when all she did before was email and pay bills.

I got a chance last weekend to spend some time with it and it is so light years ahead of any windows based pc it's not even funny. It's almost too easy to use.

I'm getting a mac book next month fuck this windows garbage I'm done.
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21 - 40 of 48 Posts
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