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I took the new SIL to the range last week. He had never been to a range or even shot anything other than online games. He did really good at the range, he was mostly concerned with range safety. I was planning on making him observe what we did as far as safety for a while before he ever touched a firearm but the BIL was freaking out for the SIL to start out shooting his AR. I was pissed big time but I pulled him aside and I told him I would give him the basics and he could shoot the 10/22. After that he ignored the BIL and we had a good day.

We drove home and the SIL wanted to know how to clean the guns. I'm getting a good feeling about this guy, four pistols, three rifles, he was into it.

Today he came by to learn how to reload .223s so we ran through 100 rounds for reloading and he did a great job.

So I got to thinking that I'd like to get him used to a 45 ACP using 185 gr SWC bullets and work him up to full loads and then give him one of my P14s.

The problem is I can't remember what spring I should use for 4.6 gr of Red Dot with a 185 gr semi wad cutter. Does 12# sound right? It's been so long since I've shot any of my .45s I can't remember.

BTW, I've got 300 .45 cases cleaning in the tumbler as I type. I think this will be a great relationship.
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