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im in the process of buying another crank 4340 im using a 5140 right now its been 8.80's so i've pushed it wayyyyyy pass it's limit.
my question is: since i have to buy a new crankshaft I want to use a 3.800 instead of 3.750 (406) my pistons i s down .025 in the hole so that would bring me up top 0. is this a good idea since im bringing the pistons and ring land up .025 as well. I heard about the quench thing and all that. I'm trying to get a few more cubes and add a little more compression since im switching to E-85.......

2. are there any more boxes i can use instead of the 7531 or 7535 that will through our alot of juice.......
i was using 7al3 but ill be driving this on the street more.

this is a sbc 406 procharged engine
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