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Kelly Pelrine said:
Monty Mikho said:
OK my views.. Hang on!!

Did anyone recieve a call when the US went to help Tsunami? NOPE!! Did you get an e-mail from them? NOPE!! Did they ask you to vote on it? NOPE!! SO the government made this decission on their own correct? But now they can't help their own and asking insurance companies to take care of it!! Which means we as Americans will pay for it once again!!! I think its worse for your own governement not helping than it is to look down at others for not helping.. Would you agree?
Exactly! We vote on a few people to represent us, but that IS NOT democracy. If everyone had a true vote in this country THAT would be. Until then its a sham. Part of the reason i dont vote.

UUmmmmm Kelly we don't live in a democracy. Our form of government is called a Limited Republic.
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