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OK Monty. That hush money you gave me Saturday Night in Greektown just ain't enough. I told you to double it or I would spill the beans :shock: ! Well since you thought a Root Beer and a Dindong :? was enough to keep this info sealed, well in one word, NO :twisted: So here it is, for all to see with there own eyes. THE REASON MONTY BEAT KEVIN AT THE CFSC RACE, AND THEN WHY IS HOOD BLEW OFF.

There, see what you made me do. I didn't want to, but what can I do. I'm outta Root Beer. Hope your satisfied.


Sorry if my anger offended anyone, but it was eating me up inside.
John :roll:

P.S. When did you get that avitar of Jenn and Maria. I don't remember that?? :?
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