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How hurt is it? Plug pics, very large!

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Was out goofing around the other night, things seemed OK. Race a car with very loud exhaust, two races. Nothing too exciting. Drive home I romp on it once and it's pinging like a MO-FO! WTF!? Somehow decided to go for 40° timing. I finally got around to pulling the plugs tonight and crap.. Speckles on most, porcelain eroded off others, rainbow on a couple straps. Here's two samples. What's with the speckles? and what causes the porcelain to erode like that around the positive electrode?

I compression tested it, 145-160 all around. Thinking about borrowing a bore scope. What should I expect to see? You guys think it's hurt?

Pictures not resized smaller for better clarity. Note: I use bronze looking anti-seize, that's not rust. And my drive home was 15-20 miles of in town driving, so the mixture is/was all over the place for the rest of the discoloration.


Porcelain erosion:
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Definitley too much timing. Going to assume this is a pump gas piece. Plug is pretty hot also may explain erosion. Speckles look like oil to me getting past the ring under detonation. More info on your combinaton would be helpful.
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