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How fast have you been with Viking shocks

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I need to buy new shocks and possibly new struts for my car my buddy is a dealer for afco menscer and Viking and he tells me to go with Viking

I’ve been trying to find people that have been fast on a Viking and I’m not really finding anything so who in here has been fast with Viking shocks and by fast I’m talking like 1.0x 60’

or have you switched from a Viking to something else and picked up? Just trying to get an idea of which shock I should get thanks
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@hellbents-10 are you guys running Viking's on Dave's cars?
JRI's and now we have recently switched over to the new QA1s which are an incredible value.
Ah it was QA1s that Dave posted.
I'm getting near the mid 4's with Crusaders on a radial, have been 1.14 60'. Don't think 1.0's are a problem, I do believe I'm to the point were a canister shock would be a big improvement. Have them front and back, almost always get off the line, if I have trouble it's usually a few feet out.
Penske 8300,try them and you will never look back.Vikings are for 0 turn radius mowers
On a 28x10.5 with my previous car we went 1.19 60' on a no prep with Vikings. That was at 3,393 lbs on the starting line at a track that is known to seep water up through it in the middle of a drought lol
Get a hold of Ron G at Afterworks, you wont be disapointed. He wont try to sell you more than you need. And his support after the sale is awesome
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