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Getting ready to start getting parts to put the motor back together.

How does this sound,

468 BBC, forged pistons, stock crank and rods with ARP hardware.

GMPP aluminum heads (C-port heads but going D port), big valves, ect ect.

Holley strip dominator intake

BG 850 carb that flows 1,040

Old cam was an old sollid flat tappet cam, .636 ish on the lift.

Digital MSD ignition, Moroso race wires.

With heavier wheels, harder tires, less suspension, old ignition and cam, c-port heads the car went 11.1 all motor on pump gas tuning and the cam card says it likes more compression then the 10.1 that it has.

On a 150 shot or so it went [email protected] spinning and has seen a 300 shot but never would hook.

With a larger more moden cam that will be a roller, larger valves and heads ported the rest of the way with a better ignition, more compression, what do you guys think it could run all motor? Street car but want it pretty nasty, not driven a lot.

3rd gen camaro, molly 10 point, mostly full interior. TH-400, looking at a gear swap.

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