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SB2.2 + pt106
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So i have a powermaster 8072 alternator on my car.

Im under the assumption this is a CS130 case but with three mounting ears?

I went to the track last night and didnt make it 3 rounds before having to jumpstart the car to get it to start.

I have an optima redtop battery (currently on the charger) (about 4 months old)
Electrical wise, this is what i have on the car........

Mark VIII electirc fan
Meizere 55gph electirc water pump
Racepak ultra dash
BigStuff3 EFI
MSD 7531
Magnagfuel EFI 750 fuel pump
Electirc windows
HID headlights

The pulley sizes on the alternator was 2.8 OD now i have a 2.2 OD one on there in hopes to get more amps/power at idle and low rpm. But that didnt work.

I guess im using more power than my alternator can put out when the car is hot. If i fire the car up and its cold it will be 14.4 volts for about 30 minutes of street driving, but after that it drops to 12.8 on the freeway. At idle is even lower.

Would one of these alternators fix the problem you think?

Any help would be appreciated.

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The Powermaster would work too, but I think it just needs a new regulator. The fact that it is holding 14.4 means it does have enough amperage. It most likely is shutting off because of the regulator, might not, but most likely. (temperature compensation circuit messed up)
I would PM John Brady on here and see about getting it fixed. He is good about stuff like that.
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