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Hoosier 10.5w

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What’s the deal with the Hoosier 10.5w? I seen a car with them on it at the Yellowbullet nats. I did a quick search and nothing really recent came up. Are they available to the public? Will the fit on a 16” wide rim? Is there a tube option? Do you even need a tube? Kind of cool to see another manufacturer throw their hat in the ring in a what is now a radial dominated class. Will Mickey Thompson stop making the bias ply 10.5w?
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Where I race, those fucking things tried to kill me, I could not make a clean pass, even the track announcer was like "huh"
Finally a couple guys who knew my truck, and how well it went down the track came up and asked "WTF".
When they saw I was running Hoosier 10.5s, they said park it, or your gonna die.
I race a nose heavy truck on a shitty track.
All motor, 408
Mono leafs
Relocated DA Vikings
Spring sliders
Runs low 11's, just don't tell anyone...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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