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Holley Efi Tuners in Indiana / Chicago ?

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I just moved from Oregon to Indiana / Terra Haute.

Anyone know any Holley Efi tuners in Indiana or Chicago area?

The truck is fully built 427 Lsx with Mast heads running twin precision 71's.
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Contact Joe From Hyperactive who is the admin for this section. He can help you out and is from Chicago area. He crewed for Chuck Samuels for years and is very knowledgeble.
Jim from speedinc is handy with bigstuff, Id trust him because he knows the platform.
We are a couple hours North in West Michigan.
Jim Moran is a killer tuner. Speed Inc in your backyard.
Thanks guys, good to know that there are good people around.
Joe Knows !
Jim can do anything he wants to do...he's that good.
Anyone decent with EFI an do them all, Holley, FAST, XFI, Accel, EFI Technologies, Motec, they are all very similar. Just deal with someone that is actually good with EFI and NOT simply know how to turn a laptop on and connect to your car!
Check with Larry @ ASSC he's been doing EFI stuff since early 1980's and I've never seen a smarter guy.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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