This is a Holley 300-25 Strip Dominator intake manifold for small block Chevy with a full plenum port and match by Chopper AirPort. Burr finish on the floor with 60 grit in the runners. Ports will work with a FelPro 1206 or AFR 6901 gasket. If you're looking for that edge on your combo, you don't have to wait. This is perfect for your high revving small block chevy.

Holley Strip Dominator with plenum port

Strip Dominator Intake Manifold 1957-1986 262ci-400ci, 1987-later with Aluminum Heads
•Single Plane with Isolated Plenum
•Square Bore 4150 Carburetor Mounting Flange
•Isolated Water cross-over
•Power band: 4000-8000 RPM
•Height: Front 5.11", Rear 5.97"
•Port Size: 2.15” height 1.25" width