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The OSCA S/E rules are up!!! are ya' sleepin?? :-D What do ya know a N/A class with very competitive rules structure!! FINALLY!! I recommend anybody with a small block to try it out.Also engines now allowed up to 632 for you "milan heavy hitters" :shock: I don't know how to post rules here or I would :smt005 1,000 min winner purse :-D Butch

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Street Eliminator

Ya Shawn sleeps a couple of winks between boards so here ya go.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 8:54 pm Post subject: Street Eliminator for 2006 Reply with quote
All right gang, here's the scoop. With lots of great input and a potential class sponsor, the OSCA is trying to breathe new life into it's premier naturally aspirated class. Below you'll find the proposed rule set for 2006. In order to make this class happen our sponsor wants to see commitment from any potential class racers. They require a minimum of 8 preregistered racers before they'll commit to the 2006 season. This would be a significant step forward as the payouts for 2006 would be guaranteed. Preregistration would cost $600 for the season. This covers class entry fee but does not cover track fees which will be $40 per race. The payout structure has not been finalized but would be a minimum of $1000 to win. The deadline for preregistration is Jan 31, 2006. Any questions regarding preregistration please PM or email the OSCA. There has been much interest in this class and with your support, we would like nothing more than to see it flourish in 2006.

2006 OSCA Rules and regulations


Naturally aspirated class. No power adders permitted.

Body and chassis:
-Lexan/plexiglass window replacements permitted but must appear stock. No visible bracing, screws, rivets, etc. permitted.
-Functioning lights required.
-Sponsor lettering restricted to vehicle glass only.
-Light weight body panels allowed
-Stock style front suspension required. Bolt in replacement components and traction devices allowed.
-Ladder bars and 4 links permitted. See weight adders below
-Stock fire wall and location required.

-Mufflers required. Must be commercially available units, no home built mufflers. No gutting of mufflers permitted. No inserts style mufflers
No max pipe diameter

-Any type permitted. See weight adders below

Cylinder heads:
-Non Conventional heads add 100 lb. (Canted valve SB, Big Chief style heads, etc.). List of non conventional heads to follow.

-29.5x10.5W" slick

-Any automatic or manual transmission allowed with the exception of planetary transmissions (no Lencos).
-Any converter OK but all shifts must occur manually by the driver. No automatic shifters

Base weight:
-2800# minimum base weight+2# per ci above 300ci
-Maximum 632ci

Weight adders:
-150# weight adder for clutchless manual transmission
-Ladder bars permitted with 50# weight adder
-4 links allowed with 100# adder
-Two carbs add 100#
-Sheetmetal intake add 50#
-Wheelie bars add 50#

Weight break:
-50# weight break for non forward facing (cowl induction style) hood

-Gasoline only
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