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Very cool.. I'll have to listen to it when I get home. I'm on dial up now :oops: I still have all my chit from the old days... (mid-80's to early 90's) and have not played in God knows how long. I have my Gibson (it sucks), Kramer, BC Rich (the best frigen guitar I ever owned) and an Ibanez acoustic. Sold off the Marshall stack many years ago.. I played in a band called Legacy and we were kind of a Testament/Slayer mix.. All the studio shit I had was put on cassette tapes and all screwed now. CD's were pretty expensive then and studio time for it was even more expensive. I couldn't sell enough pot to keep up.. LOL J/K We played pretty much the Harpo's, New York - New York, The Ritz (heavy drug bar), Blondie’s and a few other local bars. Believe it or not but that nerd Jim Monson used to pay some of the same bars when he used to be cool. He is a metal head also... and a numb skull :-D

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I'm sure Monty was in a great band with finely crafted arrangements and lyrics. How sweet! :roll:

I played guitar in a three piece thrash metal band called "Mr. Scrote". Yep, that's short for Scrotum. We had many catchy tunes like:

Heinous Bitch (the love song)
Biker From Hell
Mideval Dick Weed
Blue Ball Bobby

Gotta love music that you can bash your head, and you best friends head, against the wall to!
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