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Gary Abbey said:
again its always good to see another motor head,the black beast is gonna be one bad oscar :shock: . Look forward to seeing the shark and everyone else friday night.Gary
I look forward to seeing your better 1/2... :-D

See ya Friday.. Remember to meet me at the gate to escort me to the starting line on your golf cart.. :-D

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Silver.... his buddy driving the car was doing his lincseing passes,ill let chuck tell you about the how it performed. I wll say this it sounds REAL good. As for monty :twisted: im making jeana stay in the truck and charging you gas money :-D Anytime bud anytime. 8)

God Bless America
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Good Morning Gary, Glad to see you again too.

A Few more Suspension Adjustments and working with the Clutch.

We'll get the Black Bird 60 foot dailed in.

Passes last night were three of Wades license passes.(one 330 and two 1/8 miles)

We'll try to finish them Friday Night During Qualifying.

Other than tire Spinning(to much Clutch) and a RPM Toggle switch gone Bad.

Not a Bad Night :D

Motor ran Great Making lots of Power.

Long Project Finally about done :-D

Track was working good Last Night.

Lots of Oil downs, but they were cleaned up quickly :shock:

I can't wait for Friday.

Might have Three Cars there Friday :p
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