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Hemi harmonic damper issue

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I've personally never touched a hemi before so I know nothing about them, but I have a friend who has one and brought it over to the shop to fire it up. We got it running but was finding pieces of rubber coming off the front of the motor. It looks like the elastomer from the damper is rubbing the timing chain cover. We haven't removed the damper yet to inspect things but has anyone else had this problem? This was a new, stock stlye replacement damper. Do I need a thinner one...if they make one? Any help greatly appreciated.
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I never encountered something like that.I would think the balancer itself would hit before the elastomer ring. Does it have a welded on timing tab or a bolt on one,if it is welded is it possible it is hitting were it is welded to the cover ? If you pull the balancer look to see if the oil slinger is behind the cover,the slinger goes between the front side of the lower timing gesr and the back side of the cover,it may be just thick enough to space the balancer away from the cover. Does it look to have more then 1 timing cover gasket on it or does it look as if the cover may be distorted in any way?
I haven't pulled the balancer yet so it's hard to tell exactly what's happening, but it's a new timing coverand it doesn't appear to be distorted. The gasket doesn't look thicker than normal to me. It's not hitting the timing tab. I think the elastomer is squeezed out between the inner and out rings rubbing the timing cover. I will check the slinger...thanks.
Sometimes depending on what balancer you use, you have to put a. 060" shim against the oil slinger in between the balancer and slinger
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