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hey guys, im currently running a 60 over 331 with 205cc heads, clay smith custom turbo cam, efi spyder intake and 160# injectors on e85. my turbos now have become to small. i want more boost and more hp.
here is a link to what i run now:
the exducer on these turbos is pretty small and i think thats the issue.

here is the turbo i am thinking of going to:
i like this one because i dont have to cut my t3 flanges and rework my kit for t4 flanges but im not sure if they will get me to the 1050-1100rwhp mark. any thoughts?

also considering
with these i am worried they are too big and will lag. plus it means cutting up my kit and reworking it to hold two t4 turbos

i am aware that these are all chinese turbos and that they are considered "junk" to most people but i have never in my life owned a name brand turbo. ive always had good luck with the junk. any and all help will be appreciated.
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